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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Terry Fox-15 Years Running

It was a beautiful sunny fall day late in September when staff and students at Vincent Massey Secondary School took part in the National Terry Fox School Day walk.

This year’s walk marked a milestone in Massey history as staff and students have been taking part in this event for 15 consecutive years. The school will receive a commemorative banner to celebrate this achievement.

Although this year’s organizing committee faced many challenges they were able to pull off a rather successful event, raising more than $5,415.00 through T-shirt sales and donations for the Terry Fox Foundation. A special thanks goes out to the languages department for a large number of bilingual t-shirt orders and Mr. Lenarduzzi and his junior students who raised the most as a class. 

As always, thanks Massey for keeping Terry’s memory and dream alive.


Mrs. A. Patterson

Terry Fox Banner.JPG
Massey receives banner from the Terry Fox Foundation for 15 years of fundraising.

"It was truly and honour to present a 15 year banner to the students at Vincent Massey Secondary School. Students and young people have always been such a support to the Terry Fox Foundation and the young women who planned your school run have helped ensure Terry's vision lives on. On behalf of the Terry Fox Foundation I'd like to thank the student leaders, staff, teachers, and students at Vincent Massey for their dedication and inspiration."
Carolyn Hawthorn
Terry Fox School Ambassador​