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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Veterans Visit Massey
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On May 14, 2013, Grade 10 students at Vincent Massey Secondary School had the opportunity to meet and listen to fourteen local veterans, who served from the Second World War to the War in Afghanistan. Ms. Massender and Mr. Garlick worked with the Windsor Historical Society and organized the event in support of their Veterans Speak to Students Project, which organizes community events in order for local veterans to share their stories with younger Canadians.

The presentation included personal accounts from each of the veterans, detailing their unique experiences in the Canadian military. There was also a tribute video played, which showcased the need to remember the sacrifice of these brave individuals. At the end of the presentation, veterans sat amongst the students, and students had the chance to ask questions of the veterans regarding their wartime experiences. It was a valuable opportunity for our grade 10 students, who had the chance to hear stories of life in the armed services and meet individuals responsible for protecting Canadian freedoms.

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