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Vincent Massey Secondary School
2013 Children's Christmas Party

Amongst the numerous themes bustling throughout the busy halls of Vincent Massey Secondary School during the past several weeks, none have been more prevalent than the spirit of giving back to the community, and helping others. With winter holidays around the corner, Massey students have continued working hard in maintaining their daily routines, along with planning and participating in the school’s numerous events.  It was with this characteristic Mustang spirit of enthusiasm and dedication that one of the most magical and momentous occasions of the school year was successfully implemented and realized.  On Saturday December 14th, 2013, from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Vincent Massey held its Annual Children’s Christmas Party! 

            As perfect as the day was, it took much more than magic to make it happen!  Weeks of planning went on in order to ensure that the day was every bit enchanting and wondrous as it was a success.  Weeks were spent baking, making decorations for the rooms, shopping for gifts, craft materials, and menu items, along with the organizing and planning of numerous details. 

The culmination and result of this hard work and planning came in the form of joy and smiles, as elementary students from around the Windsor community, who would otherwise might not have had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, came to spend and celebrate a day of seasonal fun.  Elementary students were paired up with a mentor of their choosing from Massey Secondary School, and had time to become acquainted beforehand throughout the week, while making crafts and participating in various activities together. 

As our excited and overjoyed little visitors piled in with their mentors for the bus ride over, the magic of the day began!  Our ordinary school had been transformed into a winter wonderland by our dedicated school artists, who had painstakingly, and with great detail, decorated every hallway and room in use.  Festive artwork, lights, bows, garlands, and ornaments added to the cheer of the children as the party came underway!

Each school was divided into teams, and the groups were organized into a rotation of activities such as cookie decorating, face painting, musical chairs, singing, winter crafts, and... too much fun to remember!  Laughter, enjoyment, and enthusiasm reigned from both older and younger students.  A special feast of a lunch was served, which was prepared on site from student and staff volunteers, working from early hours in the morning.  Appetites were satisfied as pasta, turkey, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, and mashed potatoes were served with smiles in the cafeteria.  A fun packed obstacle course raised everyone’s spirits and energy levels even higher, as the cheers and amusement continued!  A special visit with Santa himself in the gymnasium, complete with photos and a gift for each child, helped ensure that everyone was able to experience a magical day.

Throughout the jam packed day of numerous festivities, one clear and common sentiment was apparent: it was not so much any one activity or gift which had made the events so special.  It was the truly amazing and touching amount of heart, spirit, and kindness which went into planning and executing such a meaningful day.  Our students and staff have proven once again that no matter our differences in religious or cultural beliefs, we are all part of a greater family of love, joy, acceptance, and giving, which is truly the greatest gift of all.  As our students continue on through their lives, we hope that the memory of this special day of harmony and altruism will persist in influencing and inspiring their future. 

Thank you to Ms. Dissanayake and Mr. McKenzie, along with numerous student and staff volunteers, whose dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm helped not only make the momentous undertaking of the day a strategic success, but also helped to warm the hearts and raise the spirits of so many special children.  Throughout life there are many rewards for hard work, but the biggest reward for this day is the place its memory will hold in our hearts.