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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Can Drive 2013
Students and staff at Vincent Massey Secondary School rallied together over the past month and showed their dedication to helping those in need, through the school’s annual can drive.  The World Affairs Club, led by teachers Mrs. Totten, Ms. Ulch, Mrs. Hudec, and Mrs. Sun, decided that every effort would be put forth in order to reach a goal of over 10 000 cans.  An overwhelming task, yes, but our teachers and students were determined to see it happen!

Tailored songs, daily announcements, posters, and wacky incentives, such as teachers colouring their hair, served to motivate students well.  At the end of the month, a staggering target of over 13 000 cans donated was reached, attesting to the collective effort and commitment of so many throughout the school. If caring can be measured through cans, then students and staff at Massey have shown their worth--- in a stage overflowing with over 13 000 cans, to be precise!

Top donator was Ashley Doung, winning the grand prize of an i-pad mini with 897 points!  She was followed closely by Sarah Hamadani, who won Windsor Spitfire tickets with 858 points.  The top senior classes belonged to Mr. Ing, whose class raised an amazing 2079 points, followed by Mrs. Zieba’s class, with 1312 points.  The top junior class belonged to Mrs. Hnidei with 966 points, followed by Mr. Tavolieri, with 862 points.  Top classes will be rewarded for their generosity with a pizza party.  The entire student body will also be treated to a winter pep rally, filled with zany activities such as tricycle races and duct taping the administration to the wall!

The value of any good deed, of course, is not measured through any material entity, but in the compassion, kindness, enthusiasm, and commitment which was put forth on a daily basis by so many.  After the cans are given to local food banks and the gymnasium is empty, our hallways and hearts will continue to be full and overflowing with the joy and pride that giving has returned to us. 

Thank you to Mrs. Totten, Ms. Ulch, Mrs. Hudec, and Mrs. Sun, along with the students of the World Affairs Club, whose hard work and commitment made the can drive a success.  Your hard work is appreciated!  Thank you also to all staff, students, and parents, who contributed in numerous ways, whether it be through donating cans, loading the truck,​ time, or effort.  Job well done, Massey!