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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Random Act of Weirdness

Is it Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs come to life?  No, it’s the Massey Art Club, striking again!  The Massey Art Club created a visual link with school this past month, in their art project labelled ‘Random Act of Weirdness’.  Teacher Mr. Horton led the group, who decided to exhibit their oversized portion of lunch in the front rotunda of the school.

            The display, consisting of a giant size sandwich and juice box, was completely designed and constructed by the Massey Art Club.   Constructing and designing such an oversize piece in detail was no easy feat, but the students, inspired by their love of art, kept working hard until their vision was realized.

            Their creativity will not only continue to visually enhance our hallways, but also contributes to the spirit of learning and inspiration throughout the school.