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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Winter Pep Rally
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Students and staff at Vincent Massey brought out their cheer and pride for school achievement during our winter pep rally, held on Friday February 7th, 2014.  A sea of blue and orange gear displayed the inner mustang spirit during both junior and senior assemblies, where students celebrated massive accomplishments such as boys and girls hockey, basketball, curling, volleyball, wrestling, and an overwhelming holiday can drive collection of 13370 cans, to name a few!  Festivities included tricycle races, dance routines, and administration participation like never before!           

            Among the numerous reasons to celebrate, the main reason was as clear as the colours of blue and orange dominating throughout the gymnasium and hallways: being a Massey Mustang is an experience unsurpassed by no other!  From academics to sports, the ability of Massey students and staff to rally together in order to believe, achieve, strive, and succeed represents what it means to be a Mustang!  Congratulations Massey for all that you have accomplished this past school year! 

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