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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Academic Awards Night 2014


Among the many busy activities and themes reigning throughout the halls of Vincent Massey Secondary School, one of the most prevalent is, of course, academics!  Each year students, teachers, and staff all strive together to achieve a common goal: to grow, develop, serve, and learn--- both together and from each other.  How do we recognize the significant effort and achievement which occur so commonly throughout our classrooms, library, and even hallways?  This is where Massey’s Annual Academic Awards Night--- which provides a forum for celebration in honour of outstanding academic achievement--- takes centre stage!

On Thursday October 23rd, 2014, staff and students, along with friends and family, gathered in recognition of exceptional academic accomplishment for the 2013-2014 school year.   Following a speech from Principal, Mr. Ash, each department gave a quick introduction regarding their program, along with the merits of the chosen students.  Students received their certificates on stage and were able to take a picture in the photo booth with staff, friends, and family to commemorate the night.  A light reception with refreshments followed, allowing students to mingle and bask in their accomplishments!

In order to demonstrate and maintain such a consistent dedication to learning and excellence, not only is a love of knowledge and discipline required, but there is also a conscious decision to sacrifice for the attainment of future goals.  We are proud of our students for finding the base of true future fulfillment, which involves taking pride in what they do, along with maintaining integrity, honour, and servitude within their everyday choices.

We at Massey Secondary School are honoured to be able to provide a consistent model of excellence, achievement, and dedication as we assist our students in realizing their remarkable dreams.  Thank you to all of our amazing students, who have likewise taught many lessons along their journey of education.  As we continue together down a lifelong path of self-fulfillment, learning, and knowledge, you continue to inspire excellence ​in us all!