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Vincent Massey Secondary School
All Night Dance 2014

All Night Dance Fundraiser at Massey

            Students at Vincent Massey Secondary School once again danced the night away, all in the name of a good cause!  The Annual All Night Dance took place on Friday November 14th, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.  to raise money to fund this year's Children's Christmas Party.  Dancing, music, gaming, sports activities, relaxing with friends, and movies were all part of the fun-filled evening---- and our students dedicated an entire twelve hours of incredible energy in order make one of Massey’s most important fundraisers a success!  The Annual Children’s Christmas Party, to be held at Massey on December 13th, 2014, is able to take place due to funds raised from the All Night Dance.  As always, through hard work, resolve, and a love of life, it is the heart and spirit of our Mustangs which make it happen, again and again!  Good work Mustangs!  Just keep dancing and smiling!  Thank you also to Mr. McKenzie and Ms. Dissanyake for the incredible amount of work and energy needed in order to make such an even possible, along with countless other staff and administration.  Time and time again, when Mustangs work together, amazing results can be achieved!