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Vincent Massey Secondary School
DECA 2015

On April 30, 2015, Massey’s DECA team returned from Orlando Florida with a reason to be proud! Within a team of 700 Ontario students, our Mustangs competed and networked with future leaders in the International DECA competition known as ICDC, and competed with over 18 000 students overall in various categories.

In the Leadership portion, Mohamad Mehdi, Lucy Ji and Albert Zhang presented a proposal for a new park ride to the President of Park Sales of Universal Studios. During the Leadership training, one of Massey’s own formed part of a team which not only brainstormed a unique idea for a themed amusement park, but also proposed a partnership between Universal Studios and Nintendo. The ambitious and ingenious team made it to the top three, and presented to the Vice President of Marketing at Universal Studios! Even more remarkably, the resulting announcement and intended signing of Universal Studios to create a Nintendo themed amusement park indicates that the team actually had a hand in developing a billion dollar idea! What an opportunity!

Our hardworking and innovative Mustangs did not stop there! Diana Chang and Christopher Gregorian each won top 10 medals in the Marketing and Accounting Series events. Both wowed the competition, with Chris earning a medal with his strong knowledge on the exam portion of the marketing event, and Diana receiving medals in both the exam and in the role play portion, which qualified her for the final round! Diana continued Ontario’s dominance with a third place finish, and also takes away a scholarship from the CPA organization. Next year in grade 12 she will have the opportunity to compete for first place, and has the possibility of increasing her scholarship. Congratulations to the whole team---- once again, you’ve made Massey proud!

DECA, Demonstrate Excellence Celebrate Achievement!