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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Grade 8 Guided Tours

Massey Grade 8 Open House Night


            Future Mustangs were once again well received during Vincent Massey’s Annual Grade 8 Open House Night, held on Thursday December 4th, 2014, from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.  Every second of the night counted as an opportunity for parents to receive valuable information regarding the incomparable educational experience offered at Vincent Massey Secondary School!

            The night began with refreshments and smiles at the door from Massey’s Parent Council, followed by a welcome from Guidance Department Head Mr. Gray, and a speech from Principal Mr. Ash.  During his speech, Mr. Ash outlined the numerous opportunities in academics, sports, and recreational pursuits offered at Vincent Massey, along with, of course, the dedicated staff!  This is what makes Vincent Massey the remarkable school that it is, and the well rounded educational experience offered for our Mustangs unmatched by any in the area!

            After introductory information regarding registration and the school was complete, our visitors were then separated into groups, where they were given guided tours by students and staff.  The tours consisted of visiting various timed stations around the numerous departments throughout the school.  Here information was presented regarding the many learning opportunities available at Massey.   Whether it is learning how to showcase oneself with confidence through drama, present oneself through business, foster creativity through art and music, innovate and design through computer science and robotics, learn of Canada’s history and their own place in the world through social science, or find the best successful pathway through Massey’s differentiated and highly recognized mathematics and science programs, it was definitely clear to all that the prospects for enrichment, fulfillment, and success found at Massey Secondary School are too many to even name in one night!  It could also easily be seen why our students continue on to use the perseverance, knowledge, skills, and passion which they have acquired during their education at Massey to build successful futures for themselves in numerous fields. 
      An education at Massey is not just about academics, however.  Our students were eager to attest to the numerous clubs, activities, sports, teams, and initiatives available to all Mustangs.  Whether it is The World Affairs Club,  tours of Europe entrenched in history, theatrical performances, art, Band, Massey Green,  or championship basketball, tennis, swimming, curling, wrestling, cross country, and so much more, the opportunities to explore and discover your passion for life-long learning at Vincent Massey are endless!  

    Although every moment of the night was spent with our visitors busily soaking up the information which our staff and students were eager to share with contagious enthusiasm, our future Mustangs and their families nonetheless left refreshed with smiles on their faces and excitement for the following year.  Thank you to all who came and made the night so exceptional--- and a special thanks to our future students, who are already a part of our Mustang family!​