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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey's Lunch Time Ventures Raises Money for Charity
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Massey’s Entrepreneurship Class Raises Over $500 for Charity


Mustang innovation and entrepreneurship keep on raising spirits this season!   Encompassing more than just how to manage and run a monetarily successful enterprise, Massey Business teacher Mrs. Hudak has also helped students learn the importance of giving back to the community. 

A part of Mrs. Hudak’s Grade 11 Entrepreneurship class entails planning and running a successful lunch time business, named “Lunch Time Ventures.”  The ventures have proven to be an invaluable learning experience for students, as they have seen success not just in planning, executing, and making a financial profit from business---- they have also gained the invaluable experience of recognizing their ability and role in the community to help those in need.  For the 7th year, Lunch Time Ventures has raised money for local charity!

Students invested their own money, with the goal being to break even, and hopefully make a profit.  The focus, hard work and exemplary marketing skills of this year’s group was evident through the $532 in net profit made as a class!  Mrs. Hudak’s goals for classroom entrepreneurship success do not end with only financial gain, however.  Mrs. Hudak wished for her future business moguls to learn and recognize that being socially responsible is a large part of being an entrepreneur in any community. As such, the class will be donating their profits to the Downtown Mission of Windsor to help with their Christmas Meal Program.  The profits should help provide meals for approximately 170 people this holiday season.  From the halls of Vincent Massey to the Downtown Mission of Windsor, we are proud that our students were able to learn not just successful business practices, but also the significance of their place in the community.  In experiencing that their actions have the ability to positively enrich the lives of those who are often unseen and forgotten, we hope that our Mustangs, as they head towards their own successful futures, will remember that compassion and giving always have their own distinct rewards.​