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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Cares, Massey Can Drive
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            If the volume of caring and dedication towards helping the community could be quantified, Mustangs have once again shown their character in the form of a mountain of cans!   Students and staff at Vincent Massey Secondary School once again displayed what can be achieved when working together during the school’s annual Can Drive, held during the months of November and December, 2014.  Determined to contribute as much as possible in order to help those in need, our Mustangs teamed up and managed to collect an astounding 14,075 cans of non-perishable items for the community!

            Daily announcements, updates, and prizes served as motivation for our Mustangs to keep on contributing, as the hard work and non-stop dedication from Ms. Ulch, Mrs. Hudec, Mrs. Jun-Biswas, and Mrs. Sun proved to be a success! 

            The title of Top Contributing Class goes out to Mr. Ing’s homeroom, who managed to collect an astounding 2 149 cans!  Top individual contributors were as follows:

·         John Guttman, 769 cans

·         Stefano Lee, 727 cans

·         Joey Chen, 589 cans

· Karis Thorne, 453 cans

As always, we are proud of the commitment, perseverance, and enthusiasm put forth by our Mustangs,  who have shown time and time again that contributing to the community and helping those in need serves a vital purpose.  Our Can Drive not only generates a significant and viable amount of tangible aid to the community, but it also helps form the realization within our students that their actions and efforts can make a positive impact on the lives of others.  In working together to become the change that they wish to see in the world, our students will also gain the confidence needed to realize their own dreams and goals as well. 

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