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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Green Opens Recycling Centre

Tired of the electronic graveyard in your bedroom closet?  Do you have dead batteries, cell phones, light bulbs, and ink cartridges lurking under your bed? What should you do with all those electronics?!?! Check out Massey Green's Recycling Centre!

Massey Green's latest venture aims to reduce waste and divert recyclables from landfills. This green recycling centre is easily visible upon entering the front of the school.   Students, staff and the community are encouraged to bring in any old batteries, CFL light bulbs, ink cartridges, and cell phones to be recycled. If the recycling centre is well received, it may be expanded to include other options such as pens, markers, etc.  Everyone can do their part to help our environment! Help Massey Green and help our environment.