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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Green Tackles Courtyards

Massey Gets Green!
            Students at Vincent Massey Secondary School have gotten ever greener this fall!  Under the guidance of Mrs. Rousseau and Ms. Braccio, Massey Green members have undertaken a commendable task---- to restore the outdoor courtyard spaces in order to raise awareness of environmental issues and improve the school surroundings. 
            In order to provide an outdoor learning area for both students and staff, Massey Green has created a design for the two courtyards.  While preparing to restore these outdoor spaces, students have gotten somewhat of a green thumb while pulling weeds and removing dead shrubs and trees!  Through working hard and enjoying being active outside, our students are learning the true value of a greener environment! 
Massey Green has also applied for funding from T.D. Friends of the Environment, in order to obtain wood to build a pergola for one courtyard.   Technology classes will contribute by building benches to be used--- proving that industry and nature can co-exist in harmony!
Thank you Massey Green, along with Mrs. Rousseau and Ms. Braccio, for working so hard in order to improve our learning environment!  This project truly reflects the ever-expanding vision and perseverance of students and staff to beautify and enhance our learning experience and environment.  We can hardly wait to uncover and enjoy your vision for the school!