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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Science in Spain

Massey Students in Spain

            Mustangs had the chance of a lifetime during this past March Break when they landed across the globe to learn about science in Spain!  Nineteen students, along with teacher organizers Mrs. Mohan and Mr. Westbury, travelled in order to participate in the Leadership and Science Innovation Summit in Barcelona, Spain. 

Proud and excited to represent our community in Spain, our mustangs touched down in sunny Madrid to finish off the long day of travel with some walking, exploration, and eating!

 Their great start continued on into day 2, where a guided tour and a visit to Toledo, home of Damascene steel, awaited our eager group!  Among the many stunning sights, the Reina Sophia was a crowd pleaser and an experience to remember. 

Our learners raced on into day 3 with travel by the AVE train---- at 300 km/h no less----to Valencia for the Leadership and Team Building Workshop by Dr. Jose Maria Buceta, PhD.  Taking place at the Spanish National Soccer Teams Training Facility, our mustangs lived up to their local reputation--- and gained international respect--- when one of own students gave an inspiring leadership talk, wowing the crowd!

 A short walk around Valencia concluded the successful day, and our students were refreshed for the following day 4 at the Oceanografique and Science Centre.  Here our team had an insightful behind the scenes look at how one of Europe’s largest aquariums is run, and saw science Spanish-style, firsthand!

 Day 5 continued the novelty and excitement of science on another continent with a Molecular Gastronomy Workshop, a tour of the astonishing architecture of Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces, the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell.  With a viewing of the site of the 1992 Olympics, and a scenic and informative bike ride around Barcelona, our mustangs could definitely conclude that day 5 was an experience which enriched and deepened their understanding of history, science, architecture, and the world around them! 

Our Massey minds were thus primed and ready to kick-off the Science and Innovation Summit in day 6, with Speakers Pau Garcia-Mila and Pep Torres.  During this summit, inventions to solve problems for real-world communities was explored.  Students learned how to take the first steps in innovation, explored themes such as attitudes needed to increase innovation and inventiveness with Pep Torres, and prototyped some incredible inventions in the first innovation workshop!  One of our own mustangs helped to introduce Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who spoke to the inspiration and transformative power of science.  Massey students took to the inspiration and innovation in order to make the world a better place, as they helped to present their inventions to real world problems during Innovation Idol!

Inspired and ready to take what they’d gained from this enriching experience back to Windsor-Essex, our future innovators completed their journey with smiles on their faces and ideas on how to utilize innovation and science in order to make the world a better place!

            During the Science and Innovation Summit, Speaker Pep Torres inspired our young learners with the notion that “Ideas for changing the world are everywhere”.  In having the opportunity to explore and learn in a novel environment, our students will surely be able to utilize this amazing experience as a base for further learning, growth, and enrichment, in both their present and future lives.  In venturing beyond the familiar in order to enhance our understanding of the world, we can find motivation, enlightenment, and a deeper appreciation of the ideas which will help to further our own growth as learners.  As our students go on in life, while their passion for learning and growth continues, education never truly ends.