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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Spirit Week

Massey Shows Spirit
Students at Vincent Massey Secondary School displayed their enthusiasm for school pride during the week of September 21st, 2014.  Students kept up their zest for Mustang life as the daily activities were held.  On Monday September 21st, pocket protectors and calculators could be seen as a fashion trend among the halls and classrooms for Dress Nerdy Day--- but Mustang flair came back with a twist at lunchtime in the cafeteria, during spirited performances from the Massey Dance Team!  The festivities continued into Tuesday September 22nd with Dress Preppy Day, and the Tacky Fashion Show in the cafeteria at lunch provided much comic relief for those beginning-of-school year worries!  Mustang hipness had a chance for display on Wednesday September 23rd with Hipster Day, and the lunchtime fun took on a musical turn as karaoke was held in the cafeteria.  The week finished off with zest as all came out in blue and orange to parade their Massey pride, and Mustang strength was on display with a push-up competition in the cafeteria!  The activities continued into the afternoon as Mr. Thomson’s Recreational Leadership class held organized events in order to welcome our newest grade nine Mustang population into the school.  Grade Nine Spirit Day began in the afternoon with a scavenger hunt throughout the school, helping our newest members familiarize themselves with their new and larger surroundings.  This was followed by outside fun of team games such as Tug of War, Water Balloon Toss, and Octopus.  Our grade nine students were given the opportunity to see how important a part of the Mustang family they now are, as they helped cheer on the football team at the end of the day.  The day was followed by an after school football game, where Massey pride was on full display. 
Massey Spirit Week was meant to welcome back the old and welcome in the new.  Along with each new school year, we are treated to new opportunities, new challenges, and new triumphs.  Having social supports in place, along with a sense of belonging and comfort in one’s surroundings, is an essential component of being able to advance towards achievement.  Being part of Vincent Massey Secondary School is undoubtedly an education in academics, along with numerous real world training and extra-curricular opportunities.  To all of our students, however, it is so much more.  Being part of Vincent Massey Secondary School is also about being part of a family, where we all support each other in learning and growing towards being our best.