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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Stratford Trip
Massey Students Visit Stratford
            It was the best of times only as Vincent Massey students had the opportunity to visit Stratford on October 10th, 2014.  Students, along with Ms. Suchiu and Mrs. Hudson, had the time of their lives watching Alice Through the Looking Glass and King Lear, put on by the Stratford Festival Company.  Students also had the chance to attend 2 workshops, and got to know the town of Stratford! 
            The first workshop was guided by actors from the evening plays, and was based on the plot of King Lear.  Students created tableaux which re-created the story from King Lear, thus enabling understanding of the play’s story which they were to see.  The afternoon activity was a chat with the actors, where students were able to ask 2 of the actors from Alice Through the Looking-Glass any questions they had regarding acting, the show, and being a part of the Stratford Festival.
            After a fun-filled day of education of the arts, the entertainment continued as our merry group went on to eat at Bentley’s, Pazzo, Let them Eat Cake, and the Annex Room!  Students also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the city of Stratford, perusing quaint shops such as the The Festival Theatre Store. 
            The day ended as a smashing success as students were able to bring home unique memories of the theatre, creativity, and learning.  When students are provided with exclusive opportunities to explore new and distinctive venues such as the theatre and the arts, they are able to cultivate an understanding and love of culture.  We are sure this serve them well in many ways in the future!