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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Supports Street Help Charity

Mustangs Helping to Fulfill Bucket List of Former Student


            Mustangs once again banded together in the name of a cause as they helped the Rawlings’ family accomplish fulfilling a wish for their late son, Matt Rawlings.

            Rawlings, who was a student at Vincent Massey Secondary School, died on August 19, 2012, but left behind a ‘Bucket List’---- a compilation of 50 hopes and dreams for his future.  Although he was only 18 years old, many of Matt’s aspirations demonstrated a kindheartedness, generosity, and maturity beyond his years.  Having more meaningful relationships with siblings, becoming a good father, and helping the homeless are just some examples of accomplishments he wished to undertake. 

            Massey teacher Mrs. Frye, who had coached Matt for four out of his five years on the soccer team, was fortunate to have the opportunity to watch him grow and mature into a caring and generous young man.  It was through this experience with Matt that she found the motivation to support the Rawlings family with fulfilling Matt’s wish of helping the homeless by participating in the Sharing the Warmth Campaign.  Throughout the campaign, Mrs. Frye was able to collect five sleeping bags and approximately $600 in Canadian Funds from individuals, classes, and the community.

            Thanks to Joe’s Army Navy Supply in Waterford, MI, Mrs. Frye was able to purchase new and used sleeping bags at a substantial discount, along with 30 wool winter hats.  Furthering his generous spirit, the owner then donated 40 recalled hooded sweatshirts to the cause.

On Monday November 24th, the Rawlings family came to Massey and were able to collect the sweatshirts, winter hats, and 24 sleeping bags from Mrs. Frye’s students.  In total, the Rawlings family collected approximately 630 total sleeping bags---and there were almost 800 in total with what was brought in directly to the charity itself.  All items were donated in Matt’s name on what would have been his 21st birthday to Street Help Charity.

            It is easy to see that Matt’s kind and generous spirit lives on through his wishes to help those in need.  In working together to see his bucket list filled, Matt’s kindness will continue to shine on those who will be comforted by this generosity.  The warmth that this compassion will spread to those who are facing a harsh winter without shelter will continue to keep his memory alive in the hearts of those he has helped.

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