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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Talent Show

Talent Show at Vincent Massey Secondary School


            Mustang entertainment once again proved to be a show stopper during the Annual Vincent Massey Talent Show, held on Thursday November 20th, 2014.  The show just kept on going as over 300 enthusiastic audience members were both awed and entertained by the abundance and range of Mustang talent.  The weeks which our performers--- along with teacher sponsors Mr. Gatt and Ms. Hindi--- had dedicated to practice were evident through the professional and high quality calibre of vocals, rap, and dance presented.  Among the 12 twelve performances, the top 3 voted on by students and staff were as follows: 

1st place: Yuchen Dai and Junghoon Ko, violin and piano duet

2nd place: The Miceli Twins (Carolina and Maria), vocal duet

    3rd place: Jennifer Muana, Lydia Duong, and Angela Canolo, vocals        accompanied by keyboard

                This special night will surely stay in the hearts and memories of our students, who, in being given the opportunity to pursue their interests and display their wide and impressive range of talents, have once again met and exceeded all expectations.  When we engage our young learners, we are at every​ turn truly inspired by the heights of accomplishment which their perseverance and enthusiasm will deliver them to.   β€‹