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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Water Week

Massey Green Water Week

            Our Massey Green Team worked together once again, all in the name of water awareness!  The group recently held ‘Water Week’, where a daily information booth was set up illustrating the difference between tap and bottled water.  The booth included a taste testing station, to see if staff and students could indeed identify the difference between the two.  The testing proved to be valuable, as many were stumped to detect the difference (including our vice-principal Mr. Reid!!).  Massey’s own reusable water bottles were also on sale, promoting both the reduction of plastic waste and the quality of water which has been cleaned, filtered, and regulated by the government.  Thanks again to Massey Green, along with Miss Braccio and Mrs. Rousseau, whose time and efforts help to make both Massey and our Mustangs healthier and greener!