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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Ontario Chess Championships

The Massey Chess Team is very excited to share a couple of good news stories with you. Massey had 14 members participate in the Windsor Chess Challenge on April 4th and we received 6 medals. Rachel Tao & Jeremy Mathews tied for 1st in the Grade 10 Section, Tyler D’Amore won 1st Place, Stefano Lee finished 2nd, and Karthik Baskaran & Minya Bai tied for 3rd in the Grade 9 Section.

On April 10th and 11th, Massey had 7 members participate in the Ontario High School Team Chess Championship in Toronto. The Mustangs brought 11 medals back to Windsor. The Massey Chess Team won 3rd Place in the Champion Section. In the Grade 10 Section, we had Jeremy Mathews in 2nd place, Rachel Tao took 3rd place in the Girls Section. In the Grade 9 Section, Tyler D'Amore won the 1st Place and Karthik Baskaran finished 2nd in the Champion Section. Stefano Lee finished 2nd and Minya Bai finished 3rd in the Intermediate Section. Minya also won 2nd place for the Girls Section.

Congratulations to the Massey Chess Team! The team greatly appreciates the support it receives from Mr. Ash, Mr. Reid and the Massey School Staff!