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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Remembrance Day 2014

Massey Remembers

On November 11th, 2014, students and staff at Vincent Massey Secondary School gathered in honour of those who have served, and those who continue to serve, Canada in the name of freedom.   In commemoration of those whose lives have been lost in order to uphold peace and liberty throughout the world and at home, Massey’s annual Remembrance Day Assembly was held. 

Thanks to the hard work of Ms. Plourde and Mr. Trudell , themes of unity, solidarity, and gratitude swayed throughout the gymnasium as students and staff were treated to poignant singing, speeches, and poetry by Massey’s own.  A video outlining Canada’s role in international missions throughout the world followed. 

Afterwards, several Massey students, along with Mr. Garlick, attended the memorial at the Cenotaph Park in LaSalle.   Massey student Jessie McGinnis had the opportunity to give a speech before the hundreds gathered in honour of Canada’s heroes, and Sarah Lewis laid a wreath on behalf of Massey Secondary.  During her speech, Jessie spoke of the poignant Canadian Battlefield Tour through Europe during March of 2014.  It was there, through their visits to Juno Beach, Dieppe--- and the many Canadian cemeteries where those who never had the chance to return home are buried--- that the students were given a real sense of how valiantly Canada fought to preserve freedom around the world and at home. 

Throughout this heartfelt day, it was once more revealed how freedom and harmony are gifts afforded to us by those willing to defend our values of justice and liberty.   Each and every sacrifice has served as stepping stone in achieving and maintaining the peace under which we live, breathe and feel every day, but frequently take for granted.  This should be remembered not just on November 11th, but honoured by our everyday conduct through upholding ideals of solidarity, respect, kindness, and fairness.  In continuing to maintain and preserve these principles which so many have died for, we​ remember.