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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Electronic Waste Drive at Massey
Did you get a new IPhone or TV for Christmas? Wondering what to do with your old one? Recycle it!

From January 4 - 15 Massey Green and the TEJ4M Computer Engineering Class are holding a school wide Electronics Waste Drive.  Students will come by Wednesday and Friday of each week during Period 3 to collect items. We hope to minimize the disruption and thank you for allowing us to briefly interrupt your class. Note this is a challenge for Period 3 classes, not homeroom classes.

We are collecting unwanted/used/broken:

- phones     - cameras     - computers, monitors, printers, etc.

- TVs            - DVD players, etc.        - other electronics

*refer to the attached image for more acceptable items

There are lots of prizes to be won! There are pizza parties for the top 2 senior and 2 junior classes along with an IPa​d for top student, $50 gift card for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place student.

There will be a Community E-Waste Drive held January 9 and January 16 from 10:00am to 1:00pm so spread the word to your neighbours, family, and friends. Items will be collected at the back of the school near the basketball courts.

Thanks for helping to keep our planet green.