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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Fighting Island Field Trips

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Grade 9 Massey Students Learn Ecology at Fighting Island

By: Rahma Gillan

In early October, Massey’s Grade 9 Science classes went on a field trip to Fighting Island for their Ecology unit. The day began with a boat ride to the private island, where they observed the abiotic and biotic features of the ecosystems.

Fighting Island once used to be an industrial dump, but now it is a diverse ecosystem. It includes some wildlife and a variety of plants and flowers. The island is a great place to learn about ecosystems and ecological succession.

The students learned how to test water pH levels in variety of methods. They also got the chance to catch and observe small organisms under a microscope. Using the lab equipment for the very first time proved to be a challenge.

The field trip concluded with a lesson on invasive species and a thrilling hike through the extensive fields of Fighting Island. Afterwards, the students pondered their trip during the peaceful boat ride back to LaSalle.

For many of the grade 9 students, going to Fighting Island was the first field trip of high school, and they look forward to many more at Massey.

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