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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Holiday Spirit Week
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Mustangs Show their Holiday Spirit!

By: Shahed Saleh

Though it was too warm for snow to blanket the school’s grounds, our Mustangs filled the last school week of the year with Christmas spirit!

Pyjama Monday called all of our Mustangs to arrive in their fabulous sleepwear. Onesies and pyjamas were on full display as an eggnog-drinking-pie-eating contest was held in the cafeteria.

Tacky Sweater Tuesday was filled with bright colours, ugly Christmas sweaters, and creative ideas that had everyone chuckling and giggling as they took their pictures with Santa Claus.

Whiteout Wednesday turned the school’s crowds from chaotic colours to hundreds of subtle shades of white as students enjoyed a holiday-themed quiz show during lunch.

Classy Massey influenced the Mustangs to trade their sweatpants for elegant suits and dresses on Thursday. Students and staff showed off their best holiday looks and exhibited their singing skills during karaoke at lunch.

Friday was filled with red and green, as everyone spent their last school hours of the year laughing and celebrating. The teacher-student hockey game, movies and holiday coffee house were held and enjoyed by all.

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