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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Student Recognized as Emerging Writer
A few weeks ago, the editors of Alexandria Quarterly chose the recipient of the The Emerging Artists & Writers Award from their Emerging Artists & Writers series.

This award is given annually to one series contributor to use in whatever way they feel best serves their craft--whether it's to help him/her pay for art supplies, take a class or a workshop, go to plays and performances, or put it back into his/her own community for art and writing programs. The idea is to highlight their talent and insight and to hopefully inspire a continued engagement with the arts.

Congratulations to the 2016 Alexandria Quarterly Emerging Artists & Writers Award Recipient: Massey Student, Farah Ghafoor!

See part of Farah Ghafoor’s work from AQ’s Winter 2016 issue below:

Immoral Glory

I thought you were eaten by a bear,


and then you came back breathing

like you tamed it,

wearing its paws as gloves

as armour

and you started smiling in a way

that made us think you took out all of its teeth

to make a necklace to be feared

and I preened, thinking

it was beautiful.