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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Multi-Cultural Week 2016

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Massey’s Multicultural Week

During week of April the 18th, Vincent Massey was filled with students sharing their cultural backgrounds in the forms of music, dance, clothing and traditions because it was the time everybody had been anticipating—multicultural week!

This international celebration included cultural music and dancing from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Korea during lunches. Students were able to express their heritage and teach their fellow classmates native dances from around the world! Some very skilled Mustangs from the Middle East and South Asia shared the tradition of henna, giving many of their peers’ hands a painted makeover. Students also mapped out their diversity on a map and took part in a chopstick speed challenge in the cafeteria.

The main event of the week was Wednesday’s Multicultural show, filled with stunning student performances and talents from all four corners of the earth. The spectacle included a Chinese dragon dance, water dance and erhu performance that exhibited the majestic and elegant vibes of East Asia. Indian Bollywood, Bhangra and Bharatanatyam style dances and an Indian drumming performance filled the ears of spectators with the beats and sounds of South Asia. A Greek dance conveyed Europe’s charm, an African dance brought a wild rhythm into our hearts and a Korean dance presented a mashup of many modern and contemporary dance styles. Finally, an international dance featuring our favourite teachers brought dancing to a whole new level! All in all, each performance was unique, intriguing, and worthy of any national talent show!

The festivities were concluded with everyone dressing up in their native and cultural dress on Thursday. Multicultural week couldn't have been possible without the hard work and dedication of teachers, students and performers. This was an enlightening and educational experience for all Mustangs who now feel closer to each other than they have ever been!

Article by: Shahed Saleh

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