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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Massey Spirit Week
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Mustang Pride: Vincent Massey’s First Spirit Week

By: Shahed Saleh

Within the first few seconds of entering the front doors, one could feel the energy radiating from every student. They all conveyed their pride with creative, individual touches; each student that week wore a bright smile for it was the first spirit week of the year at Vincent Massey Secondary School.

To kick off the week-long festival atmosphere, students came dressed in their favourite team attire for Jersey Monday. Many came prepared to defend their team against other students and staff who cheer for their rivals.

Twin Tuesday consisted of many well-planned outfits and creative ideas among both teachers and students. A “How Well Do You Know Your Twin?” game show was held during junior and senior lunch at the cafeteria where Aya and Eman Dannawey took first prize.

The most exciting spirit day of all was Grade War Wednesday where grade nines wore red, tens purple, elevens blue, twelves green and staff orange. This day was filled with a competitive air due to the growing anticipation of the arm wrestling contests to be held during lunch.

Vacation Thursday was a flashback of those sunny days with nothing to do and students came dressed in their summer break memories. Hawaiian leis, sandals and fanny packs were in style as everyone sported their favourite summer outfits. During lunch, a game of limbo followed by a dance party were held and enjoyed by all.

Spirit week was wrapped up with Blue and Orange Friday and everyone came loyally dressed in their school colours. Yet no matter what day it is, the Mustangs will continue to show school pride and keep the school spirit alive!

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