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Vincent Massey Secondary School
St. Jacob's Field Trip
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Massey Mustangs in St. Jacobs

By: Shahed Saleh

Grade 9 Geography students from Vincent Massey Secondary School were filled with anticipation as the buses neared the quaint town of St. Jacobs, Ontario on Thursday, November 19th. These Mustangs visited St. Jacobs to investigate the lives and culture of the Old Order Mennonites.

Students visited The Mennonite Story Museum where they were introduced to the history, culture and unique types of Mennonites that exist today in our area. After a scrumptious snack at the local bakery, students had a chance to explore the farmer’s market with its delightful food, fascinating shops and neighbourly people.

The afternoon was spent on a tour of the area including stops at a farm and the last covered bridge in Ontario. A guide accompanied the students, answering questions and explaining the traditions of the Mennonites in great detail.

Ms. Solly, a Grade 9 Geography teacher, said that the purpose of the trip is to see “a preserved culture that uses the land of our country, and [to examine] how it preserved itself [regardless] of the modernization [that took place]. It's like looking at a spectrum of evolutionary culture that exists together.”

As these Massey Mustangs headed home, they could only recall the wonderful memories that they had created together that day.

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