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Vincent Massey Secondary School
Sports Teams offered:
Sport or Activity Coach(es)
Athletic Council Mr. Thomson
Boys Basketball (Senior) Mr. Thomson
Boys Basketball (Junior)  TBA
Girls Basketball (Senior) Ms. Parker, Ms. Dissanayake
Girls Basketball (Junior) Ms. McFarland
Badminton (Senior) Ms. Loree
Badminton (Junior) Mr. St. Pierre
Boys Baseball Mr. Lenarduzzi, Mr. Beland, Mr. Thomson
Girls Slopitch Mrs. Morton, Mr. Johnson
Cross Country Mr. Scarrow, Mrs. Patterson
Curling Mr. Baglole
Football (Senior) Mr. Gray, Mr. Lenarduzzi
Football (Junior) Mr. Banwell, Mr. Sulyok
Golf  Dr. Charron
Boys Hockey Dr. Charron, Mr. St. Pierre
Girls Hockey Ms. Marchand
Boys Soccer (Senior) TBA
Boys Soccer (Junior) TBA
Girls Soccer (Senior) Mr. Baglole
Girls Soccer (Junior) Dr. Charron
Tennis Mr. Trudell
Track and Field Mr. Scarrow, Mrs. Patterson, Mr. Nedin
Boys Volleyball (Senior) Mr. A. Nedin
Boys Volleyball (Junior) Mrs. L. Raymond
Girls Volleyball (Senior) Ms. Zuk
Girls Volleyball (Junior) MR. J. Goodyear
Weight Room Mr. Gray, Mr. Westbury, Mr. Lenarduzzi, Mr. Scarrow, Ms. Patterson, Mr. Reid, Mr. Andreas. Mr. Jerald
Wrestling Mr. Andeas

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