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Vincent Massey Secondary School
News Item

Virtual School Survey

March 03, 2021

The GECDSB Virtual School Education Committee is seeking to garner input from various stakeholder groups including our parent/guardians.

We we wish to identify areas of success and opportunity with the Virtual School and Virtual Learning.

We have prepared a feedback form (link below) that will be made available through our website and in social media welcoming families to share their thinking with us. We are looking forward to receive feedback as to their experience this past year in reference to their child’s/children’s learning experience. We are also seeking their thinking as to possible learning models should they be available in the future (under COVID conditions) and (beyond COVID conditions). The feedback provided does not constitute a commitment for parents/guardians to a model of learning at this time. This feedback form is simply a method of understanding the experience this past year and gauging parent/guardian thinking as to models that may be available in the near or distant future.

The parent/guardian voice is invaluable to us in moving forward to plan for the fall and beyond.

Again, please note the link will be available in social media and on the Board webpage.

The link is live and available today until noon on March 12th. Survey