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Vincent Massey Secondary School
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What to do if you have COVID symptoms

March 15, 2021

​What to do if you have COVID symptoms. If you do the online screening and get the red screen that says do not go to school - follow the instructions posted here.  

Protocol What to do if Child has Symptoms: This flowchart is now available in different languages, including French, Arabic, Somali and Spanish. This resource can be shared with parents to help them understand the guidelines of what to do if their child has symptoms of COVID-19. We will be making them available on our website shortly.

Return to School/Childcare Protocol & Guidance for Child/Staff who are High Risk Close Contacts (HRC): We have gotten a few requests for more resources explaining the guidance for returning to school due to symptoms and for those who are HRC's. We've put together two charts that can help your administrators and educators understand what the next steps are. The French version of the resources will be available soon. 

Guidance for Child Staff Who Are HRC_ENG.pdf

Return to School Child Care Protocol_ENG.jpg