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Vincent Massey Secondary School
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Ontario High School Chess Championships

April 20, 2017

Over the past weekend, nine players from the Vincent Massey Chess Club participated in the 2017 Ontario High School Chess Championships in Toronto. The team consisting of E. Tao, L. Zhou, Z. Zhang, J. Mathews, J. Zhu, S. Lee, Y. Zhou, J. Mathews, and R. Tao, finished first in both the Intermediate and the Championship sections, bringing home two big trophies. All the players won individual medals and a shoutout to J. Mathews who earned 2nd overall in the Intermediate section. 

Intermediate level

E.Tao Intermediate - 1st - Grade 9

J. Mathews Intermiate - 2nd OVERALL

E.Tao Intermediate - 1st - Girls

Y. Zhou Intermediate - 3rd - Grade 11Team Photo.JPG

Championship level

J. Zhu Championship - 2nd - Grade 10

S. Lee Championship - 1st - Grade 11

Z. Zhang Championship - 3rd - Grade 9

L. Zhou Championship - 3rd - Girl

R. Tao Championship - 2nd - Girl

R.Tao Championship - 1st - Grade 12

J. Mathews Championship - 2nd - Grade 12