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Vincent Massey Secondary School
News Item

Notice of Lead Exceedance

July 05, 2018

drinking fountain.jpgUnder Ontario Regulation 243/07 entitled “Schools, Private Schools and Child Care Centres”
enacted under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, all school boards are required to test each
school’s water annually to monitor lead levels. Approximately 760 drinking water fountains and
taps throughout the school board are being tested in May and June of 2018. Acceptable lead
levels, as provincially mandated, are to be less than 10 parts per billion or 10 ug/L and a vast ​majority of the drinking water in our schools fall within this threshold without the need for any
corrective measures.
The Board is committed to maintaining schools as safe, quality learning and teaching
environments. The Board has been and continues to be diligent in its adherence to the legislation
and follows strict protocols when a drinking water test fails to meet the mandated threshold.
The protocols are outlined in Ontario Regulation 243/07 of the Safe Drinking Water Act and
include the following steps that must be completed when lead levels exceed provincially
mandated limits (an exceedance is identified). This includes:
 Immediately notifying the Medical Officer of Health, the Ministry’s Spills Action Centre, and
the Ministry of Education
 Taking corrective actions to ensure the issue is resolved by the requirements of the Regulation
and/or as directed by the Medical Officer of Health
 Once the corrective actions are complete, notify the Medical Officer of Health, the Ministry’s
Spills Action Centre and the Ministry of Education.
For your information, there was at least one exceedance found at your school during the 2018
testing, resulting in a corrective action approved by the Medical Officer of Health. A more detailed
explanation of the processes the GECDSB has in place to ensure compliance with the legislated
requirement, along with the location of the testing and corrective actions taken can be found below:

Massey SS APPENDIX B Letter Rev (July 5 2018).pdf​​​​​