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Vincent Massey Secondary School
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Parent/Guardian School Climate Survey

February 05, 2019


School boards are required to conduct anonymous school climate surveys of their students, parent/guardian/community, and staff every two years. In the GECDSB, we have developed our own survey with themes of school climate, equity and inclusion, anti-bullying, and mental health.  At the end of the survey are 3 optional questions on internet use.  These results of the school climate surveys will help inform your Safe School team in determining next steps for your school and the progress you and the team have made in relation to your 2017 goals.

Surveys are open:   Monday, February 1st through Friday, March 8th, 2019.

Links to the Parent / Guardian Survey can be found under the FOR PARENTS Tab, School Climate Survey at the top of this page.  Parent / Guardian Survey

It can also be found on our Board's website GECDSB