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Public Alternative Secondary School (P.A.S.S.)
About P.A.S.S.

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The primary goal of the Public Alternative Secondary School (P.A.S.S.) is to help young individuals, 17-21 years of age, attain credits to re-enter a regular secondary school, graduate, enter full-time employment, or post-secondary education.
The program helps students who have not been successful in a regular school setting attain credits through teacher directed/self-directed independent learning in a more informal setting.
Students who are serious about making a positive change in their lives and who are ready to commit to the program will benefit from the options available to them through P.A.S.S. 
P.A.S.S. is a secondary school located on three campuses:
  • PASS Mason, located in west Windsor in the Mason Educational Centre at 284 Cameron & University;
  • PASS Amherstburg, 130 Sandwich Street South, Amherstburg;
  • PASS Leamington, located at 215 Talbot St. East, Leamington.

Entrance Requirements:

Students 17-21 years of age are considered for P.A.S.S. if:
    • they are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or have a valid visa to study in Canada
    • they reside in Windsor or Essex County
    • they left school without a diploma and now wish to return to complete their diploma requirements


Application Procedures:

Students enrolled in a secondary school must be recommended to P.A.S.S. through the administration in their school.
To apply to P.A.S.S.:
    • The student’s principal or vice principal will send a referral package to P.A.S.S. which includes an up to date credit counselling summary or transcript, an attendance record, and any other relevant supporting documentation.
    • P.A.S.S. will contact the student to arrange an interview with the department head.
    • If the student is accepted into P.A.S.S. the sending school will be contacted to provide a transfer package. 
    • The student will then complete the registration forms.
    • A reading skills test may be required for students who have not passed the Literacy Test.​

Students who are 18 or older and not currently enrolled in a school can apply directly to P.A.S.S.:
To apply to P.A.S.S.:
    • supply an up-to-date transcript or credit counseling summary from their home school.
    • supply a transfer package from their home school.
    • phone and arrange an interview with the Department Head at the site they wish to attend.
    • complete an application form and write a reading skills test. If the student has already passed the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test then they are not required to write the reading test.​

Following the interview, the Department Head will make a determination of the suitability of the student for admission to P.A.S.S.