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Public Alternative Secondary School (P.A.S.S.)
SWAC: School Within a College

​What is SWAC?

SWAC is a partnership between the G​reater Essex County District School Board and St. Clair College. It offers students in Grade 12 or 12+ the opportunity to earn secondary school credits and coll​ege delivered Dual Credits on the college campus. The primary focus of the SWAC program is to support students who are 18-20 who have left secondary school early or are at risk of leaving (for various reasons) and are looking to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Who is Eligible to Attend SWAC?

  • Students must be between 18-20
  • Should have completed at least 20 credits
  • Students who can work independently

How Do I Apply to SWAC?

  • Students will be referred to SWAC through the Teacher Consultant for Alternative Education,
  • Students must attend an interview at SWAC prior to acceptance.

SWAC Opportunities

  • FREE Transportation (bus tickets/parking passes)
  • FREE tuition, supplies, textbooks, excursions
  • Breakfast and nutrition is available in class
  • ACCESS to college services, library, computer lab, Sportsplex
  • If you graduate from SWAC, you can receive a SWAC Graduate bursary ($500 payable when a SWAC graduate enrolls in a full-time program at St. Clair College)

Program Info

Each semester, the students work on secondary school independent study courses at St. Clair College in the SWAC classroom. They will also take 1-2 Dual Credit college courses – these college courses can be used as high school credits to help the students complete their secondary school diploma requirements.

The SWAC program follows the regular secondary school semester system (Semester 1: September to January and Semester 2: February to June), as well as the common secondary school vacation breaks

​For more information please contact: 
Dana O’Neil Teacher Consultant
Re-Engagement & Alternative Education
phone 519-982-0490