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Public Alternative Secondary School (P.A.S.S.)

P.A.S.S. has several student specific programs that are affiliated with the main PASS sites.


Community Kitchen

       This community based program in conjunction with Plentiful Harvest, the Unemployment Help Centre, Meals on Wheels and the GECDSB, helps to support local community groups in the production of daily meals and the rescuing of and distribution of foods to local food banks. GECDSB students work with a professional chef in the creation of daily meals for Meals on Wheels clients and rescued foods via the Plentiful Harvest. Students can gain COOP credits, food preparation courses in addition to various site based training required in the general work force. Students work in a state of the art commercial kitchen and have access to programs such as OYAP, SHSM and Dual Credit.


SWAC (School Within a College)

       This program is focused on students who would like to do post secondary studies in college setting. Students work at completing the necessary credits to acquire their OSSD while having access to college level courses through the Dual Credit program. Students who have acquired more than 20 secondary school credits and are greater than 18 years of age are eligible for this program. Contact the  PASS -Mason site for further details​