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2017 School Climate Survey

School Climate Survey Results for Anderdon Public School 2017

The purpose of the school climate survey is to strengthen our system and our individual schools by celebrating our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and planning the next steps to ensure positive working environments for everyone.

Data for the student and parent surveys conducted in the Winter of 2017 indicates:

  • Parents and students alike identify many strengths in the school:  a wide variety of excellent extra-curricular opportunities, caring and dedicated staff and strong academics.
  • Overwhelmingly students from Grades 4 to 8 indicate they have at least one friend at school and at least one adult at home or school with whom they can speak freely.  A high percentage of students feel safe at school, like who they are, and feel good about being here and participating in school activities every day.
  • Most students reported they had not witnessed or experienced bullying at school.  However, if incidents did happen, most students say they responded by helping the student being bullied or telling an adult, indicating that bully prevention strategies are having a positive impact in our school.

The survey results demonstrate a need to:

  • A noted area of concern for parents involves communication. Parents expressed a preference for paper copies of newsletters; they would like more notice of assemblies, special events and sports tryouts. They also remarked that the website needs to be updated more frequently.
  • While most students feel well-prepared for high school and informed regarding course selections and potential extra-curricular activities in high school, 27% expressed that they are not excited about transitioning to high school.  Another concern was that almost 40% of intermediate students spend at least 4 to 5 hours on a screen device each day, directly impacting the amount of physical activity they get.

As a result of the school climate survey we will:

  • Work with Facility Services to continue maintaining a safe and functional playground space that promotes increased physical activity and environmental exploration and discovery.
  • Identify factors among our intermediate students that may be contributing towards feelings of ambivalence or anxiety regarding the high school experience and initiate steps to address them.
  • Continue to build a positive, welcoming environment for our community as we engage students in a variety of activities that make them feel welcome in our building; take measures to improve communication between home and school to increase parent engagement and foster a broader representation of parents in future surveys; and increase awareness of Edsby to promote student and parent communication between home and school.
  • Spend time discussing appropriate use of devices and healthy limits on screen time.

A full copy of our school's survey results is available upon request