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School Climate Survey 2017

GECDSB logo.jpgSchool Climate Survey 2017

The purpose of the school climate survey is to strengthen our system and our individual schools by celebrating our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and planning the next steps to ensure positive learning and working environments for everyone.

 Data for the student and parent surveys conducted in the Winter of 2017 indicates:

Very high percentage of our students responded that they have a friend and that they feel safe at school.

High percentage of students responded that they did not feel bullied at school.

Our intermediate students (Gr. 7-8) said that they liked who they were.

Our students have someone to talk to – caring adults.

Our students are comfortable asking for assistance / accommodations.

 The survey results demonstrate a need to review:

Some students don’t feel safe coming to school – neighbourhood.

A few responded that they didn’t have an adult to talk to.

A significant number of students spend hours playing video games on school nights.

Only 30% of our students get the recommended number of fruits and vegetables set out in Canada’s Food Guide.

 As a result of the school climate survey we will:

Ask students about their neighbourhood experiences.

Bring back Turn Off The Screen or other initiatives to bring awareness to electronics and home screen time.

Look at healthy lunches. Encourage a balance. Do students need to go out for lunch (what are they eating)?

A full copy of our school’s survey results is available upon request.