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Begley's Math Page
The Importance of Mathematics
An information- and technology-based society requires individuals who are able to think
critically about complex issues, analyse and adapt to new situations, solve problems of various kinds, and communicate their thinking effectively. The study of mathematics equips students with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are essential for successful and rewarding participation in such a society.To learn mathematics in a way that will serve them well throughout their lives, students need classroom experiences that help them develop mathematical understanding; learn important facts, skills, and procedures; develop the ability to apply the processes of mathematics; and acquire a positive attitude towards mathematics. The Ontario mathematics curriculum for Grades 1 to 8 provides the framework needed to meet these goals.
Learning mathematics results in more than a mastery of basic skills. It equips students with a concise and powerful means of communication. Mathematical structures, operations, processes, and language provide students with a framework and tools for reasoning, justifying conclusions, and expressing ideas clearly.Through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to their lives, students develop mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and related technological skills that they can apply in their daily lives and, eventually, in the workplace.
Mathematics is a powerful learning tool. As students identify relationships between mathematical concepts and everyday situations and make connections between mathematics and other subjects, they develop the ability to use mathematics to extend and apply their knowledge in other curriculum areas, including science,music, and language.
Begley's Math Problem Solving Model
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Problem Solving Strategies

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