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School Climate Survey

                                                School Climate Survey
The purpose of the school climate survey is to strengthen our system and our individual schools by celebrating our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and planning the next steps to ensure positive learning and working environments for everyone.
Data from the student and parent surveys conducted in the Spring of 2013 indicates:
ü  Over half of our students plan on attending a post-secondary educational institution.
ü  Almost 90% of our students enjoy being at our school and find our school a welcoming place.
ü  Very few students identify that bullying/harassment happens on a regular basis.  Students know to tell a teacher or help the student at the time of the bullying/harassment issue.
The survey results demonstrate a need to review:
·         For students that do not feel welcome in our school, the highest percentage of them felt that it was because of their race/culture/skin colour.
·         In our school, only 15% of students say that they have learned about the achievements of women and girls always or often.  Similarly, people with different income levels.
·         For students who indicated that there were barriers that stand in their way of learning, many students believe it is because of their grades or marks or their appearance. 
As a result of the school climate survey we will:
Ø  Students indicated that they want to hear from more diverse guest speakers.  We will invite more guest speakers who represent the diversity of our community.
Ø  We will monitor our school washrooms and change rooms since students and their friends find them the most unsafe places.
Ø  Very few students are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with what our school has done to prevent bullying.  Bullying prevention will continue to be a priority.
A full copy of our school’s survey results is available upon request.