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Begley Safe Welcome Program

​Begley Safe Welcome Program

This protocol is designed to help identify visitors to the school during operational hours.
In the interest of safety and to support a welcoming learning environment for our students and staff, the Greater Essex County District School Board has implemented a Safe Welcome Program – locked door policy for our school.
All perimeter doors will be locked at all times and a security access device has been installed at the school’s main entrance.
The school’s main entrance is equipped with a video/intercom access system.  This system will allow the school staff to identify visitors.  It will provide additional building safety measures for our students, staff and school community.
Signage has been installed to help identify the process.
Visitors are to state their name and the reason why they want access to the school.  If permission is granted, the visitor is to report directly to the appropriate office (elementary or secondary).
Visitors will be required to wait in the office to meet with their child or teacher.
Visitors who are working directly with our student body will be issued a visitors badge or visitors pass.
Should any staff member notice a visitor without a badge or identification in the building, our staff will redirect that visitor to the office.
Two way radios will also be used in communicating access to the school during nutrition breaks.
EarlyON access will be limited to the main entrance.  They will only admit parents or guardians who have enrolled their child into the program into the school.  
 To assist our office staff, please send a note to your child’s elementary teacher if you are signing your child out early.  
Other Reminders:
Supervision at Begley begins at 7:55 am.​  Our day begins at 8:10 am and we have 15 minutes of supervision prior to that time. Unless there is inclement weather (severe rain/snow), students will be outside. There is no staff supervision prior to 7:55 am, therefore no children should be on school grounds prior to that time.