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French Immersion at Belle River Public School

​The Greater Essex County District School Board is proud to offer the Early French Immersion program where students begin learning in French as early as Junior Kindergarten. Belle River Public School became a dual track school in September 2014.  We offer instruction in both English and in French.  We have an amazing library that is full of current French and English Books for all students to enjoy.

Immersion is designed for students whose first language is not French. As students move through the program, they will learn in both French and English. The objective is full mastery of the English language, functional fluency in French, as well as an understanding and appreciation of the French culture. It is designated as Early French Immersion because students may enroll in the program beginning in Junior or Senior Kindergarten or the beginning of Grade one.

What is the parent’s role in French immersion?                                                   

Read and communicate with your child in their first language. Research shows that knowledge learned in a first language is transferred to a second language. As well, parents should have a positive attitude towards learning French as a second language. Your encouragement and commitment will contribute to your child’s success.

Must the parents be French speaking?                                                                  

No. The French Immersion Program is a French as a Second Language program. No previous French background is necessary.

What about transportation?                                                                  

Transportation to and from school is provided in accordance with The Greater Essex County District School Board’s policy.


Do French Immersion students receive support if they have special needs?            

Yes. Students have access to all of the program supports that are available in the GECDSB in order to receive an education that is tailored to their specific needs.

Why bilingualism?

With bilingualism, you can take it anywhere and use it anywhere! We are living in a time when communication and information are among our most valuable commodities. People who understand and take advantage of these new realities will enjoy a new prosperity. By providing students with strong second language skills we will be arming them with a skill which will be invaluable. Learning French can support the development of: