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Full Day Kindergarten

Fundamental Principles of Full Day Kindergarten Within the GECDSB and at Belle River Public School

The Greater Essex County District School Board believes that:
• children learn naturally
• all children can learn
• children begin to develop an understanding of numeracy and literacy before they come to school
• children learn best when learning is kept whole, meaningful, interesting and functional
• children learn best when they make their own choices
• children learn best as a community of learners in a non-competitive environment
• young children learn best by talking and doing in a social context
Our dedicated Kindergarten Staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about our Kindergarten Program.  The Kindergarten Program reflects the belief that four- and five-year-olds are capable and active learners, full of potential and ready to take ownership of their learning. It approaches children as unique individuals who live and learn within families and communities. The program aims to provide every child with the kind of support he or she needs in order to develop within the four frames:
• Belonging & Contributing
• Self Regulation & Well Being
• Communicating & Demonstrating Literacy and Math Behaviors
• Problem Solving & Innovating