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Math Challenges at Belle River

“The GECDSB provides mathematics education that engages and empowers students through collaboration, communication, inquiry, critical thinking and problem-solving, to support each student’s learning and nurture a positive attitude towards mathematics.”

All around Belle River Public School, you will find teachers providing A COMPREHENSIVE MATHEMATICS PROGRAM. In a comprehensive mathematics program, students become proficient with basic skills, develop conceptual understanding and become adept at problem solving. All three areas are important and need to be included. Students need to develop both skills and conceptual understanding: problem solving is the medium for students to use to make connections between skills and conceptual understanding. A balanced mathematics program has:  students working in groups, pairs and individually, a variety of activities for students to engage in all of the mathematical processes, a variety of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment data to improve student learning and adjust program, and a focus on developing key mathematical concepts or BIG IDEAS