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Turning Off the Lights Pays Off Big!

Last year the GECDSB spent over seven million dollars on utilities for the all of its schools and buildings.  In an attempt to reduce that amount, the GECDSB Facility Service Department offered an Energy Challenge Incentive Program.  Participating schools would receive 25% of the amount of savings if the school could reduce the amount that it spent on energy.

Well in a year where we had a lot of construction, we were very worried about our success.  We worked hard to ensure not need lights and electronic equipment was turned off.  Our light squad carefully tracked our progress.  Announcements were made to celebrate our success.  Reminders were given to classrooms who periodically forgot to turn the lights off.

Our efforts paid off big!!  We saved $5200.00 and brought home a cheque for $1300.00!  That money is going to be used to purchase picnic tables for our new courtyard off the library!  Well done Bucs!  Keep up the great work because we are again signed up for the 2015 Energy Challenge. 

All Bucs are reminded to turn off the lights and to report any water leaks in order to maximize our savings.