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Dress Code

‚ÄčThis Dress Code was created by the staff and shared with School Council Representatives. When creating the dress code, we considered the dress code of our High School, Belle River High School, and our neighbouring school, Lakeshore Discovery.  The dress code is part of Safe School Policy.  The Safe School Policy can be found on the website in the section About Us.

Codes for Appropriate Dress

School is about learning.  Students should be dressed neatly. 

  • T-Shirts with questionable, inappropriate or objectionable pictures and/or words such as references to alcohol, drugs, profanity, obscene language, statements promoting violence, racism or illegal behaviour, sex, including words or phrases with double meaning, or gender-offensive language are not acceptable. 
  • Shorts and skirts should be mid-thigh length (Thumb-tip rule).
  •  Tops should ensure the chest area is completely covered. All tops must reach pant or skirt line, when hands are raised.  No bare midriffs.   Shirt straps should be at least two fingers wide.
  • Pajama bottoms, tube tops, backless tops, swim attire, mesh or transparent clothing are not acceptable. 
  • No undergarments are to be revealed by clothing selected.
  • Sunglasses or dark glasses are not to be worn inside the building.
  • For Health and Safety reasons, shoes must be worn at all times. 
  • Hats or baseball caps, hoods, do-rags, bandanas are not to be worn in the building or in class. 

Graduation dress should be appropriate for an elementary school graduation.  Tuxedos, formal prom dresses and limousines are discouraged.  Clothing should be suitable for a "family event" or what might be worn to a place of worship.

Students must wear appropriate clothing for Physical Education classes.  Running shoes are a minimum uniform requirement for all grades. For primary classes, students are encouraged to wear clothing suitable for exercising to school.  Dresses are not appropriate clothing for Physical Education classes.   Junior and intermediate classes are expected to change into athletic clothes for physical education class.  Proper gym attire includes shorts, jogging pants and a T-shirt.  Some students may need to apply deodorant before and after gym class.  Please note that spray deodorant or perfumes are not allowed.   All jewelry and watches must be removed for safety sake. Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is a requirement - Ministry of Education.  Students will be participating in physical activity every day.  Sandals and dress shoes are not appropriate footwear for DPA.

In order to use the playground equipment, students should where closed toe shoes.  For safety, no flip-flops, crocks or sandals may be worn.