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Principal's Message
Dear Students, Parents and Staff:
Welcome aboard! I am so excited to be a part of the many changes happening at Belle River.  I look forward to getting to know all the new Bucs.  I'm also excited to be in a French Immersion/English Dual Track School.   Belle River has a reputation for excellence and everyone is on board and willing to work to maintain that positive reputation. 
At Belle River we work to ensure there is a welcoming, safe environment that encourages students to become active learners.  We understand that parental involvement is a key component to a student's success.  We welcome your involvement and input and at anytime, if you have questions or comments please notify the school.
The Greater Essex County District School Board also believes that all teachers can teach to high standards given the right support.  Know Mme Seguin and I will continue to support staff as they implement current research-backed, Ministry supported teaching strategies.  "At school, it is everyone's job to learn."  Trust all staff will work diligently to address your child's learning style.  We also know, "Unless we reach into the hearts of our children, we will never reach into their minds."  Staff work to develop positive professional relationships with students.
Promoting a Growth Mindset is a focus for Belle River.  We believe that all children can learn and become smarter.  Intelligence is not fixed.  We are work hard to continually develop our brains.
Former Principal Mr. Anderson on his last principal's message wrote, "Our children are indeed our future and we must prepare them to take on the roles of responsible citizenship that our communities will continue to need."  At Belle River,  all staff take that responsibility seriously. 
Belle River Public School is fortunate in having a very strong staff and supportive parents (including a very supportive School Advisory Council) who work together to provide our children with outstanding academic and extra-curricular experiences. Please consider becoming a part of this supportive group.   A warm welcome awaits you at BRPS and we look forward to another great year of growing and learning together!
Janet Hannigan