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Staff List

​​​​BRPS Staff List 2020-2021

FDK Staff 

Mrs. Bracken, Ms. Cartwright, Mr. Papadopoulos

Mrs. Shepley, Mrs. Schiefer

Mme Albeartie, Mme Labonte - French Immersion

Mme Berger (Mme Strong) - French Immersion

Primary Staff

Mrs. Borean - Grade One

Mme Clark - Grade One French Immersion

Mrs. Renaud - Grade One/Two

Mrs. Hetzel - Grade Two

Mme Sealey- Grade Two French Immersion

Mrs. Markham - Grade Two/Three

Mme Bigaouette - Grade Two/Three ​French Immerson​

Mrs. Johnston - Grade Three

Mme Steingraber - Grade Three/Four French Immersion

Junior Staff

Mrs. Brule - Grade Four

Mrs. Taylor - Grade Four/Five

Mme Gagnier - Grade Four/Five French Immersion

Mrs. Filipic - Grade Five

Mrs. Silvestri - Grade Five/Six

Mrs. Ditty - Grade Six

Mme Ashton - Grade Six French Immersion

Mr. Dale - Grade Six/Seven

Intermediate Staff

Mrs. Klimkowski - Grade Seven​

Mr. Petro - Grade Seven 

Mme Harrison - Grade Seven/Eight French Immersion

Mrs. Grady - Grade Eight

Mrs. Mason - Grade Eight

Special Education

Mrs. Adam - Learning Support

Mme Hodovick - French Immersion Learning Support

Mrs. McKrow- R.I.S.E. 

Mrs. Cheswick- Child and Youth Worker

Mrs. Parette (Mrs. Tiessen) - Developmental Services Worker

Mrs. Argent - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Lidher - Educatio​nal Assistant

Specialty Teachers

Mrs. Cavallaro - French as a Second Language

Mrs. Bomben-Grosso - French as a Second Language

Mr. Raymond - Physical Education

Mrs. Stammler - Primary Science, Physical Education

Mrs. Pracey - Music, Grade 6 Science

Virtual Teachers

Mr. Carter - Junior R.I.S.E.

Mrs. Mantha - Junior R.I.S.E.

Mrs. Meloche - Grade One Correspondence

Mrs. Prsa - Early Years

Mrs. Swaddling-Head - Early Years


Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Mayne

Mr. Pizzuto

Ms. White

Office Staff

Mrs. Rauscher - Secretary

Mrs. Wigle - Clerk

Mrs. Fuerth -​ Vice Principal

Mrs. Hannigan - Principal